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Currently, there are two ways to purchase from this site. One is with a credit card through the PayPal.com shopping cart. The other is by contacting me through email and arranging to send a check, cashier's check, or money order.

Credit Cards: The shopping cart technology used on my web site is supplied by PayPal.com. To order an item click the Add to Cart button for the item. California residents will automatically be charged sales tax.

After you have added everything you want to your cart, click the Show Cart button on any page. You will be transferred to PayPal.com's secure server where you can pay for the items by credit card. You may receive a message saying that you are being transferred to a different site. That is because the PayPal.com is on a different server than the Astro Accessories site.

When you have completed the transaction at PayPal.com, I receive an email indicating that you have made a purchase. I will have the items shipped to you directly from the factory in Oklahoma. This saves shipping costs and allows me to keep prices low.

PayPal.com is a secure system that has become very popular with ebay buyers and sellers. Here is what they say:

"PayPal now constitutes over 10% of all Internet traffic in the financial services category, more than Citibank, Wells Fargo and Bank of America combined."


If you would rather not order online, Bbe sure to include your:
Email Address
UPS Shipping Address
List of Product Codes and Quantities
of the items you are ordering.

The payment must cover shipping costs (and tax if shipped to CA).

You can send a cashier's check or money order to:

Astro Accessories from RobinCasady.com
316 Mid Valley Center, Suite 112
Carmel, CA 93923

If you have questions, email me first.

Robin Casady

Who Makes This Stuff?

The items I sell are manufactured in a professional CNC machine shop owned by my cousin, Tom Casady, III. His company is called "Casady 'n' Company, LLC" and is located in Oklahoma. Tom has been in the machining business for many years and produced parts for a variety of prestigious clients. Some of his work is flying on the Hubble Space Telescope, some you have seen in premium department store clothing boutiques, and some may be in the automatic transmission of your car.

Designs for Astro Accessories are a collaboration between Tom and myself. We are open to suggestions for improvements or requests for other gizmos.

If you have any questions, send me an email message.

Robin Casady

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