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These shift knobs are hand turned from exotic woods by Robin Casady. The knob attaches to your MINI Cooper or BMW manual transmission shift lever with one of Doug Whalen's stainless steel adapters (included). Adapters are available for both R56 and R53 MINIs, as well as manual shift BMWs.

Rosewood iCup Platform #05

This is from a piece of rosewood I bought in the 1970's. I've not seen anything quite like it since. It has a dark rich purplish color. This piece has two small drying cracks because it was taken from the end of the board, near the sapwood. This piece is discounted. I could make a more perfect platform from this wood, but it would be $60.

Car Model

This cup holder platform slips into the cup holder and is held in place by the rubber tabs in the cup holder. It can be turned to any angle and removed, if desired. An iPhone 3G Dock, iPod Universal Dock, or other dock can be attached with double-sided carpet tape. I used carpet tape to test a prototype, thinking that the dock would have to be glued in place for actual use. Turns out that the tape holds very well. If you prefer, the dock can be glued in place. The platform could also be drilled for mounting other types of holders.

The wood was sanded with 1,500 grit silicon carbide paper and buffed to a high polish. Numerous coats of hand-rubbed Polyurethane were applied to seal the wood and protect it. The hand-rubbed method allows the finish to penetrate into the grain without leaving a plastic-looking coating over the surface.

Care: Typically, no special care is needed. Cleaning can usually be accomplished by rubbing with a soft cloth. If more aggressive methods are required, a damp cloth, or furniture cleaner can be used.

iPhone 3G shown on Cocobolo as an expample of one use for the Cup Holder Platform

Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you aren't happy with a platform you receive, contact me within 30 days of shipment to make arrangements to return it for replacement, credit, or refund of the purchase price. Shipping cost not refunded. The knob must be in like-new condition. Time and materials will be charged if the knob must be refinished or repaired.

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