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These emergency brake handles are hand turned from exotic woods by Robin Casady. The handle replaces the plastic handle that came with your MINI Cooper. It is held firmly in place with a stainless steel set screw in an anodized aluminum adaptor. Installation information can be found by clicking on this link.

White Holly
eBrake Handle #35

33mm dia.x 124mm long*
*(not including adaptor which will be under the boot)
American White Holly grows in the South East and its foliage is associated with Christmas. The wood is hard and very fine-grained with a very subtle pattern. Color varies from cream white to gray.

Car Model

This handle was sanded with 1,500 grit silicon carbide paper and buffed to a high polish. Numerous coats of water-clear Polyurethane were applied to seal the wood and protect it.

Care: Typically, no special care is needed. Cleaning can usually be accomplished by rubbing with a soft cloth. If more aggressive methods are required, a damp cloth, or furniture cleaner can be used. If you wish to wax it, I recommend Renaissance Wax which was develeoped for the British Museum. It provides a hard clear finish.

The direction the grain pattern faces is up to you. Just rotate the handle on the eBrake lever before you tighten the setscrew. The setscrew can be at any position, except straight down. There it may stick into the groove on the bottom of the lever and interfere with the spring.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you aren't happy with a knob you receive, contact me within 30 days of shipment to make arrangements to return it for credit, or refund of the purchase price. Shipping cost not refunded. The knob must be in like-new condition. Time and materials will be charged if the knob must be refinished or repaired.

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