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This bar was designed for large German equatorial mounts such as the Astro-Physics 1200, Paramount ME, and Takahashi EM500. Its purpose is to carry large OTAs in tandem or other multiples, such as a 16" RC and a 160mm refractor, or up to five smaller scopes. There is room for a C14, a 7" Maksutov-Cassegrain, and a 160mm refractor all together. The distances between optical centers are shown in blue in the illustration.

The bottom of the MultiScope32 has a standard Losmandy D compatible dovetail machined in. This will attach to your mount with my Dove14 saddle.

Tandem Guidescope Aiming Devices (TGAD) will fit in the narrow sections of the MultiScope32.

Takahashi clamsell rings will bolt directly onto the MultiScope32. For other OTAs you will need to mount my dovetail saddles on the MultiScope32 and your OTAs will need Losmandy dovetail bars.

This was machined from a special grade of 6061-T6 tooling plate aluminum to reduce the possibility of warpage. Standard billet aluminum has internal stresses from being rolled out. When machined, the uneven relief of surface stresses can cause slight warpage on a part this long. Tooling plate aluminum is manufactured to avoid this problem.

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