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NJP Saddle Adaptor

This adaptor will allow you to use a variety of saddles and rings on your Takahashi NJP mount. It mounts to the NJP with four flat-head socket screws (included). Threaded holes are provided for attaching my saddles.

Note: This adaptor will mount the saddle at a angle that is rotated 45 degrees from normal position. As a result, the mechanical setting circles will be off by 45 degrees. This is because the mounting holes are in a similar pattern to the NJP mounting holes. If they were aligned, they would be on top of each other.

Threaded holes are also provided for Takahashi EM saddles and ring clamshells. However, because this is a low profile adaptor, there is only about 5mm of thread depth for the EM holes. So, they should only be used with small light OTAs. The Astro-Physics saddle holes are much deeper and will hold heavy OTAs.

NJPadapt Green anodized adaptor with stainless steel screws. In Stock


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