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Safety Stop for Losmandy Counterweight Shaft

For Losmandy G-11, GM-8

Want something more substantial than the stamped safety washer at the end of your counterweight shaft? This integrated washer/knob screws into the threaded hole on the end of the counterweight shaft. It is machined from solid stainless steel and includes threads. This way, an extra knob will no longer be required. Easier to use than the standard washer and knob, it is a stylish way to keep your toes safe.

G-11, Titan, & GM-8 size: 1.75" dia.

Free Shipping - if ordered with a counterweight or dovetail saddle. If ordered alone you must add $5.00 shipping with the Shipping Options menu.

To calculate shipping for more than one washer, change the Shipping Qty to the number of washers being ordered and click the Update button on the Shopping Cart window.

Lsafety: $12.00

Shipping: $6.00
if not ordering a counterweight

Outside the USA

Replacement Knobs
Stainless Steel

For the correct length brass plunger, select whether this is for an old counterweight without a countersink for the knob, or the newer counterweights with a countersink. You can also order just the knob.


Shipping in USA

Outside the USA

For Counterweights with

15 lb. AP 1.875" bore shown with new Stainless Steel Low-Profile Knob
click for larger image

Stainless Steel Counterweights
for* Titan, G-11, & GM-8, CGE

While Supplies Last!

Due to changes at the machine shop—with my cousin's retirement—I will be selling off existing stock, but not replacing it. If you want something, get it now before it is gone.

Stainless steel counterweights on your Titan, G-11, GM-8, or CGE mount. Each weight has rounded edges, a bronze bushing, and a non-rotating brass plunger to prevent scarring of the counterweight shaft. The brass plunger has a stainless steel spring so it retracts when you loosen the thumbscrew. On other companies' weights the plunger falls into the bore. and prevents it from going on the shaft - unless the knob is down.

Solid Stainless Steel Knobs

Machined from solid stainless steel , these new low-profile knobs knobs are less likely to snag cables, and more likely to survive being dropped on concrete. They also look good.

Old counterweights can be upgraded with the new knobs.

The weights come in three sizes with your choice of knobs:

Note: Price increase for the L1S-G11-5lb-S is due to the high cost of making a small volume of billet machined knobs for the remaining few counterweights and some spares.

There will be some delay before shipping to insert bushings in the counterweights and further delay to make knobs. However, I don't have many lelft. So, best to order right away if you want them.

Add the Set Screw Kit for $3.00 if you don't want to wait for the knobs to be ready.

5 lbs 1" long x 5" dia. $99.00

Outside the USA

Sold Out
7.7 lbs 1" long x 6" dia. $115.00

Outside the USA

Sold Out
15 lbs.
2" long x 6" dia.

Outside the USA

Sold Out
23 lbs.
3" long x 6" dia.

Outside the USA

Sold Out
Replaces safety wassher and knob on counterweight shaft
+$5.00 shipping
if not ordering a counterweight.

Outside the USA

Sold Out

Priority Mail Large Flat-Rate Box is used for each counterweight. Two L1S-G11-5lb or two L1-G11-7lb will fit in one box. Otherwise, they ship individually.

Shipping Charges are for the Continental 48 States. Contact me with your Zip code for costs to Hawaii, Alaska.

International Orders: please contact me for an estimate on shipping costs. Please provide your shipping address and phone number. I will need the phone number for customs, and often forget to ask for it until I start filling out the customs paperwork. We ship USPS EMS. Payment can be made by Bank Wire Transfer, or PayPal.com for most countries.

Sales Tax will automatically be added to orders from California residents.

If you would rather not order online you can Order by Mail

Want Knobless Weights?

If you have a permanent setup, you may want to remove the knobs to reduce the chance of tangled wires. Here is a set of three stainless steel headless hex screws and wrench. They will replace the knobs on three weights.

Do not over-tighten screws. Too much force can cause brass plunger to mushroom.


Free shipping if purchased with a counterweight or other major item.

for the first set. $3.50 for each additional set.

Includes shipping in the U.S.A

Outside the USA

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Don't know how much weight you need? Perhaps this will help.

Need a replacement knob?

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