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Tip-in Dovetail Saddle for

Celestron CGE

A number of people have asked how to use my saddles on the CGE. My standard saddles cannot be used with the standard CGE clutch knobs, so I've created a saddle specifically for the CGE.

These dovetail saddles are made with the finest materials for heavy-duty use and long life. The clamp jaws open wide enough to tip the dovetail bar into place. Each clamp has two stainless steel guide pins to keep it aligned and running smoothly. A spring keeps the jaw open when you are mounting your scope. Stainless steel threaded inserts and stainless steel threaded rods are used for the clamps. There are no aluminum threads to strip. We use 1/4-28 NF threads for their increased strength and holding power over the coarser 1/4-20 threads. The knobs are machined aluminum.

Fits Losmandy D, and CGE (orange) Bars: These saddles are designed for the 4" wide (3" dovetail) Losmandy bars used on the G-11 mount and will firmly clamp the CGE bars as well.

12" Dovetail Saddle

Knob Anodized Color
Clear Anodized
1.25" dia.
Blue 1.25"
Red 1.25"
Small SHCS
1" dia. Clear

+$14.00 shipping*

Knob Color

Offset Mounting Holes

There are two options for mounting the saddle on the CGE mount. It can be mounted in the center so that an equal amount sticks out on both ends. Or, it can be mounted offset so that one end sticks out much further than the other. The purpose of mounting the saddle offset is to balance a tail-heavy SCT while still providing lots of support for the dovetail bar. When an SCT has a lot of camera weight loaded it can be very heavy at the back. In the past, a short dovetail saddle had to be used on a long (and somewhat flexible) dovetail bar. The only other solution was to add weights to the front of the OTA. Now, you can balance the camera laden SCT and provide the dovetail bar 12" or 14" of support, without the need for extra weights.

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Choice of Knob Colors

The knobs on these saddles are machined aluminum with stainless steel threads. There are three colors available on the aluminum. Anodized blue, anodized red, or clear anodized that looks like bare aluminum. Pick the knob color below when you order.These knobs are made in-house to our own design. I think you will find they give a good grip and are good looking. The dia. is approx. 1.25" with an over-all length of about 1.5." The neck is about 0.8." The knobs extend 0.3125" below the bottom of the saddle.

Small Dia. Knobs with SHCS Head

When clearance is tight, this knob will help. It works well with tandem bars on the Paramount Versa Plate. The knobs are machined aluminum with stainless steel threads. The knob diameter is 1". The threads are provided by stainless steel socket head cap screws, and the screw head is countersunk into the top of the knob head.

If you want this knob in a particular color, let me know. Depending on timing, it might be possible.

Check out the photos of a custom dovetail bar with a 12" saddle.

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