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NJP Tandem Setup

These photos show the following parts that make up a tandem setup put together for Doug Finch:
1 ea: DoveNJP-GR
1 ea: Tandem14 (custom anodized)
2 ea: Dove8-GR (custom anodized)
2 ea: D to EM dovetail bars from Texas Nautical (custom anodized)

Because we were in the middle of a saddle production run, we were able to anodize the Dove8 saddles with the Takahashi green color we use on parts specifically for Takahashi mounts. The Tandem14 and dovetail bars from Texas Nautical were stripped and anodized at the same time. Here is what Doug has to say about the setup:

Just returned from Fort Davis, TX and finally had a chance to use the Tak tandem setup you put together for me to use on the NJP with my Mewlon 250 and FSQ.

All I can say is Cooool! It is solid and worked extremely well. The saddles on the tandem let me achieve balance and the package was surprisingly manageable. Being able to see the same object side by side at f12 and f5 respectively was very cool indeed. CCD will be down the road as well.

Also, the green anodizing looks very nice IMHO.

 Thanks again,
Doug Finch

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Tandem Bars

Saddles: NJP, EM, for Tandem Bars AP G-11 etc.

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