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See photos of a Takahashi NJP with Tandem M250 & FSQ

Or, a variety of OTAs on an MI-250 GOTO

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Due to changes at the machine shop with my cousin's retirement, I will be selling off existing stock, but not replacing it. If you want something, get it now before it is gone.

Triad Bar

Mount three scopes for imaging. Want to mount two imaging scopes and a guidescope? Or, two scopes and a camera? The Triad Bar is what you want. It is like a 24" tandem bar with a mounting position in the center. It can handle a very heavy OTA in the center because it balances close to the center of rotation. The between scope spacing is the same as a Tandem14 (10" center-to-center). Mounting holes for my saddles, some Astro-Physics saddles, and Takahashi clamshells and EM saddles are built-into the Triad Bar. Stainless steel mounting screws included.

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Tandem Bars
for mounting two OTA's

If you are using a guidescope for imaging, shooting with multiple cameras, or setting up a permanent observatory with multiple scopes, a Tandem Bar has advantages over piggybacking. By moving the OTA weight closer to the RA axis of rotation, the mount will be less strained and more stable. Less counterweight will be required to balance.

These bars are heavy-duty. They are machined from 1" stock with material carefully removed from both sides to relieve surface stesses and prevent warping during machining. Special care is taken to maintain flatness. The final thickness is appox. 0.97" in the thickest areas. The pads on the ends are reduced in height to keep the OTA as close to the RA axis of rotation as possible. The center area has material removed between struts to provide maximum strength without unnecessary weight.

16" Tandem Bar holding Astro-Physics 130mm f/8.35 refractor and a Takahashi TSC 225 (9" SCT).
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New Mounting Holes

Takahashi EM mounting holes with the appropriate circular depression are included on tandem bars. This allows the mounting of Takahashi clamshells and saddles without a dovetail saddle and bar. The four Astro-Physics 900GTO pattern (that matches my saddles) is still included, as well as a 1/4-20 clearance hole for mounting a camera.

There are a variety of ways to setup a tandem setup with one of these bars. Typically, a saddle would mount on each end.

A Takahashi clamshell ring or one of my ring bars can be bolted onto the tandem bar instead of a saddle.

Ring Bars
1/2 x 4 x 12" bars for holding telescope rings are available. They will bolt directly to a Tandem Bar. You can drill holes for your rings, or have us custom drill them.

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Black Anodized
Clear Anodized

Includes Takahashi EM mounting holes.


Includes Takahashi EM mounting holes.


Includes Takahashi EM mounting holes.


Includes Takahashi EM mounting holes.




Includes Takahashi EM mounting holes.

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Sold Out


The RingBar12 allows you to mount rings on a tandem bar without using a saddle or dovetail bar. It now comes anodized black with only four holes for mounting it on a tandem bar. You are responsible for drilling holes for attaching your rings. If you want us to drill the holes, contact me with ring specs.


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Got Saddles?

Bolting a saddle on each end of the Tandem Bar is the most convenient way to use a Tandem Bar click on the link above for the page of saddles.

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